Welcome to Micro Car Forum, the website where you can find out about and talk about your favorite small car.

While Micro Cars are very popular all across Asia and Europe many people don’t aspire to own one, generally people purchase small cars for praticality and cost. While there are a few models that have developed a cult status many models have faded away as their owners send them off to car heaven on purchase of the latest model. No where is this no more prevalent than in Japan where cars from the 1980s are rare and 1970s cars almost non existent.

Japan seems to be the king of micro car manufacturing where small cars with 660cc engines gain certain tax breaks earning these groups of cars the name keijidōsha often just shorted to Kei or K-car, France, the UK and several other European countries have had similar laws making small cars more economical to own too.  

Microcar Forum aims to cover all the small car models that have been produced from weird 3 wheelers of the 1950s to the more conventional micro cars of today. Micro cars are generally classified as under 1 litre in engine size, this site also includes small cars up to around 1.5 litres, because we like them too. These cars are generally refered to as a sub-compact, supermini or city car. If you have any questions or suggestions jump on over to our forum and voice them there.